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Cultures/periods: Viking

Production date: 10thC-11thC

Found/Acquired: Europe: British Isles: England: North Yorkshire: York

Materials: antler

Deer antler body with lattice pattern and pointed ends; two holes at one end.

Graham-Campbell 1980.
The case consists of two outer back plates and two inner plates, separated by two end plates and fastened together by four iron rivets. The outer plates have a flat convex section with a convex outer edge flattened at both ends. The ends are ornamented in the manner of the comb back, but with rows of transverse lines (instead of transverse shading) within the margins. The inner plates of triangular section, flattened at the ends, are ornamented with two rows of irregular diagonal crosses of double lines; the flattened triangular fields at both ends are simple, the transition to the central zone is marked by a pair of cross lines. The end plates serve as spacers, holding the plates from each other and allowing a ridge to be set between them; they are smooth with triangular ends, the upper of which has a pair of circular holes for hanging.