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Cultures/periods: Carolingian

Production date: 9thC

Excavated/Findspot: Europe: British Isles: England: Lancashire: Halton Moor

Silver-gilt cup (or bowl); ornamented. The ornamentation consists of embossed medallions, each containing a figure of an animal separated by conventional foliate patterns. Four medallions are bordered by bands with wavy patterns: two contain the figure of a lion passing to the right with its mouth open and its forked tail raised up, crossing a conditional plant, whose foliage is shown above and below the animal, on its chest and under its tail: alternating with these two other medallions represent the figure of a bull with a humpback and forked tail, leaning against a piece of conditional foliage on a wavy ground. Four gaps are occupied by a formal plant with rayed branches, from which four dog-like heads emerge, biting the foliage: the design of each plant is identical to the opposite, but slightly different from those closest to it. Around the lip and below are bands of common leaf curls, on which, as on the plants of the middle zone, there are transverse collars. The background and interior are gilded, traces of gilding are also on the ornamentation; one side of the rim and the upper part of the body are missing; the bowl is somewhat frayed and worn at the bottom. The foot and lid are missing.