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Cultures/periods: Late Anglo-Saxon

Production date: 9thC

Excavated/Findspot: Europe: British Isles: England: Cornwall: St Austell (parish): Trewhiddle (Trewhiddle hoard)

Materials: silver; gold

Silver chalice (reconstructed) consisting of a separate stem, foot and chalice, originally riveted together; the chalice is gilt on the inside. Just below the gilded rim is a series of rivet holes, possibly indicating the presence of an applied rim or decorative band. Immediately below these is a gilt band with more rivets inside; above this are traces of solder, and below that are traces of incised lace in places where the original surface of the metal (heavily corroded) is preserved. The now lost mount from the treasure trove may have served as a collar for the stem. It has an oval knob and a flanged domed foot.