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Disc brooch

School/style: Trewhiddle style

Cultures/periods: Anglo-Saxon

Production date: 9thC-early 10thC

Excavated/Findspot: Marbury, Cheshire

Materials: silver; niello

Brooch in the form of a disc of cast silver. The disk is divided into sections by two crosses with concave handles, one of which is set vertically and the other in the form of a saltire, forming the motif of an eight-pointed star. The star is decorated with leaves, scrolls and foliate ornamentation inlaid with niello. The center of the star and its four cardinal points are marked with riveted domed silver bosses. The space between each of the arms of the star is filled with an openwork, stylized Late Anglo-Saxon Trewhiddle creature whose neck is curved outward and whose head is turned at an angle to the center of the brooch, its head positioned vertically in relation to the edge of the brooch. Each beast has a square nose snout, a drilled eye, and a "plume" or ear extending from the top of the head. Under the chin of each beast a pelt protrudes - possibly a tongue or other feature. The back side retains part of the pin mechanism, including the hooked catch, but the spring pin is broken off.