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Cultures/periods: Celtic (Irish)

Production date: 7thC-8thC

Found/Acquired: Europe: British Isles: Ireland: Ireland, Republic of: Waterford (Ireland - county): Lismore (Waterford)

Materials: copper alloy

Cast copper alloy drinking horn mount in the form of a bird-like animal head with a long "beak". The rim tapers inside and out and is decorated with a striped collar and a pair of grooves. There are two rivet holes in the rim. The rastrum supports a round head with a huge beveled snout, open in the middle and ending with a spiral scroll knob. The jaws, similar to those of a toucan, were originally joined by teeth along their entire length. The eyes of this "bird" are stylized as human. Two running spirals adorn each rounded cheek, and there are neat tapered piercing marks around the cheeks from the top to the bottom of the "beak" and along the top and bottom of the "beak". There are no traces of gilding on the worn surface.