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School/style: Trewhiddle style

Cultures/periods: Late Anglo-Saxon

Production date: 9thC / 868 (deposited circa)

Excavated/Findspot: Europe: British Isles: England: Cornwall: St Austell (parish): Trewhiddle (Trewhiddle hoard)

Materials: silver

Silver drinking horn band with two fields of blackened animal and foliate motifs on either side of the opening; serrated edge.
Subrectangular with arched base, contains a delicate foliate scroll with three leaves on either side of a curved stem with extended ends. Each leaf and terminal has two notches along the outer edge. In the lower left corner is a forked motif resembling the head of an animal, it also has two short notches in the thick part.

A similar shape and animal occupy most of the area. The animal is upside down, the head is turned so that the muzzle is parallel to the upper part of the mount. There is a bump above the eye, the lower jaw is broken, and there is a suspected ear. The animal has a tail and three legs, one of which pervades the body, each with three toes. To the left of the panel is a tendril with a leaf, and to the right, between the near front and back legs, are two leaves on the same stem. The animal has a series of double notches in different places to give the composition a sense of roundness. The back of the mount is undecorated.