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School/style: Urnes style

Cultures/periods: Viking; Late Anglo-Saxon

Production date: 11thC(late)

Materials: copper alloy

Technique: cast; relief

Cast, openwork round copper alloy mount in the form of a coiled ribbon animal with a protruding head modeled in relief. It has elongated triangular ears and round eyes. Just behind the head is a spiral-shaped leg that holds one of the antennae that intertwines with the body. At this point, the edge of the attachment breaks off. The body rounds out and ends in an angular femur, which dissolves into a mass of loop-shaped tendrils intertwined with the body and ending in two curled volutes to the right of the neck. The posterior part of the attachment is flat and slightly concave, with the remains of the rivet on the underside of the head of the animal.