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Cultures/periods: Anglo-Saxon

Production date: 8thC

Found/Acquired: Europe: British Isles: England: Norfolk (England): Surlingham

Materials: silver

Technique: cast; gilded; engraved; chip-carved

A silver gilt subrectangular fragment from a decorative mount of undetermined purpose, curved on the sides. The fragment was cast, then hand-finished and gilded as a whole on a decorative surface. The surviving part is decorated with a square panel with a zoomorphic depiction of a long-legged feline creature, the body in profile, the head turned forward. The fur on the torso, neck and scruff is represented by fine ribbed herringbone engraving and the tail is developed into a complex carved weave that crosses the torso and covers the legs and paws. Framed by simple borders at the top and bottom, as well as vertical borders with diagonal engraving.