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School/style: Style II

Cultures/periods: Germanic

Production date: 7thC

Excavated/Findspot: Europe: Scandinavia: Sweden: Gotland

Materials: copper alloy; glass

Technique: coiled (wire); repoussé; punched

The ensemble consists of a necklace of four chains attached on each side to two subtriangular plaques, fourteen mitre pendants of copper alloy formed from a cylindrically folded leaf, twelve beads and three primroses of copper alloy.
The plaques are decorated with a pattern of rings and dots, each perforated at the top for attachment.
Each mitre pendant has three ribbed bands running throughout the body.
Each bract consists of a leafy disc decorated with a relief central circle with three profile II-style animal heads under a schematic human mask, surrounded by broad concentric borders of pierced zigzags, pellets, and cross-hatching. Attached to the top of each is a ribbed cylindrical loop for hanging.
The bead set consists of seven one-color glass beads; three coiled bronze wire, barrel-shaped and two 2 polychrome glass beads.