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Víðblindi or Viðblindi ("Very blind") is a giant in Norse mythology.

The skald Hallar-Steinn uses the kenning "Viðblindi's boar" (Viðblinda göltr) for whale in a stanza quoted by Snorri Sturluson in his Skáldskaparmál. Snorri explains it as follows:

Here the whale is called Boar of Viðblindi; this Viðblindi was a giant who drew whales out of the sea like fishes.

—Skáldskaparmál (XLVI), Brodeur's translation

A similar kenning for whale, "Víðblindi's pig" (Víðblinda svín), can be found in an anonymous stanza from the 13th century preserved in Laufás-Edda.

Rudolf Simek noted that the only giant known for fishing whales is Hymir, but he is never called Víðblindi / Viðblindi.

Víðblindi is also listed among the giants in the þulur.