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Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox and the Vernal Equinox usually celebrated around 21 of March. Ostara, Eostre or Eastre also is the name of Old Germanic Goddess of spring and new life. She is usually described as young maiden wreathed in flowers and greenery. This day the Goddess is waking up from winter sleep and blesses the whole world with fertility. The Sun God will marry Eostre and in nine months she will become the Great Mother.

The interesting myth. We all know about Easter Bunny. This tradition has pagan roots. One day the Goddess found injured bird, this bird was almost dying. Ostara took it and healed. But unfortunately the bird couldn't fly anymore. That time  the Goddess turned the bird into the rabbit and gave it possibility to run and jump very fast and lay eggs of all colours of the rainbow everywhere it wants but just one time in a year.

Ostara is the important part of the year - this is the time of balance. The longest day and the longest night are equal. All nature is waking up after long winter cold, people celebrate the new life and fertility to the new garden season. For pagans it was the day of preparation. It was necessary to wear new, clean dress of bright and light colours. People checked their tools, cleaned and repared them, blessed seeds for the planting season. Also it was the best period to choose the life or work partner. People blessed each other and wish fertility, love and success in the new life.