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Late Anglo-Saxon

Production date:


Made in: 

Europe: British Isles: England


Europe: British Isles: England: Oxfordshire: Wallingford


walrus ivory; wax

Round walrus bone stamp, engraved on both sides, with a protruding ribbon-shaped handle at the top, which is decorated on one side and smooth on the other. Its tip is broken off. The decoration on the handle consists of relief images of God the Father and the Son, towering over a prostrate human figure; above them is a damaged symbol of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. On the matrix on this side is an engraved one and a half meter figure of a bearded man, facing left, in a circular frame, sword held in his right hand, cloak clasped at the shoulder. Around this figure, in a carved frame, is a retrograde inscription. The reverse side of the matrix depicts the figure of a woman seated on a cushion, facing left, her right hand raised and her left holding a book. Around her, in a circular frame, comes another retrograde inscription. Additionally with an impression of a wax seal.