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Odin or Wodan, the All-father, the Supreme God in Scandinavian mythology, the son of Bor and Bestla. Odin is is associated with healing, death, royalty, wisdom, battle, sorcery, poetry, and the runic alphabet. In the Norse texts he is described like a man with long beard, one eye in broad hat and cloak. In his hand he often holds spear Gungnir, the gift from Loki who stole it from dwarves. There were two ravens - Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory) sitting on his shoulders. Every day they flew around the Earth, picked up information and reported to Odin every night. 

Odin could see past and future of every human on the Earth, he foresaw the Ragnarok. Also he could travel in his thoughts to remote lands. He could easily sent person death or illness.

Odin married Frigg and together they gave birth to Baldur, Hod and Hermod. With the earth goddess Jord he fathered Thor, with giantess Grid - Vidar.

Odin is the God of Wisdom. He has never stopped to get new knowledge that's why he lost his eye. The story is telling that the wisest god Mimir proposed Odin to sacrify his eye in exchangefor a drink of water from his magical well of knowledge. To get death knowledge and foresight Odin spent nine days and nine nights at the Yiggdrasil tree with his own spear in his body. After this he got magical runes - the source of wisdom.

Also to Odin obeyed Valkyries. They helped souls of slain warriors to rise and to take place near the All-Father, in his home. Together with Frigg, Odin was sitting in Valhalla - his palatial home with 640 doors. Together they feasted there and were waiting for a final battle.