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Baldr is the most handsome god among Aesir. He is the god of joy, light, purity and summer sun. Baldr is the son of Odin and Frigg, younger brother of Thor. He married with Nanna and together they gave birth to the god of justice Forseti.

Baldr was loved by all gods and goddesses, every being in the world loved him for his grace, his bright appearence and light that came from inside.

(The illustration by Johan Egerkrans)

From the Prose Edda we know the most known story about Baldr death and resurrection: 

One day Baldr started to see dreams about his death. When his mother, Frigg, found out about this she started to think how to save her child. She went to the world, visited every being and took the oath from each of them that they will not harm her son. After this she was sure in her son's invincibility. Once gods were playing - they throught the weapons and different things to Baldr but nothing could even to scratch his body. 

Loki, the trickster of the gods, found the opportunity for mischief. He found out that Frigg didn't ask the oath just from mistletoe. It was so small and harmless that the goddess didn't want even to disturb it with requests and promises. The next day when gods were playing with Baldur again, Loki gave the mistletoe spear to blind god Hodr. The spear pierced Baldr and he fall down dead.

 (The illustration from the 18th century Icelandic manuscipt)

Gods didn't want to believe in Baldr death and they desided to save him from the Hel realm. They sent there Hermod. He convinced Hel to leave Baldr but just if everything in the world would weep for Baldur.The whole world weeped for the generous son of Odin. But guileful Loki turned himself to the giantess Thokk and refused to do this. So that Baldr stayed with Hel in her joyless realm.


Baldr from "God of war"