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The bear was considered the bravest animals for Vikings. The bear sign can make any man, even the most courageous step away immediately. Bears are large, fearless and powerful and their fur can also resist sharp weapons. This is easy to understand why Vikings adored them and wanted to look like bears.

Even Viking kinds loved to have bears as their home pets. The bear symbol was sacred to Odin and it has inspired berserkers –the most well-known class of Vikings.  Berserker gained bear’s spirit and bravery. They were brave warriors, real champions of the Viking age. Before the battles, berserkers took the bears’ spirit and essence. This symbolized that he became as strong as a bear in any battle. Berserkers were putting on the skin of the bear (some warriors could only do it literary) and used it as armor. The warrior could even have no armor and have bare skin.

In comparison with ordinary Vikings, berserker did not fight as a command. Instead of this, he went above the line of the ordinary Vikings, as this was a way to inspire his army as well as show their bravery, curiosity and fearless to their enemies. Berserkers were forming a strong line of warriors, having only a Dane axe. By doing so, they were able to disrupt their foes’ cohesion and make holes through which their army could go or dive through.