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Hlod or Hlöd was the illegitimate son of Heidrek, the king of the Geats, in Norse mythology.

He appears in the Hervarar saga and probably also as Hlith in Widsith, line 115, together with his father Heiðrekr (Heathoric), half-brother Angantyr (Incgentheow), and his mother Sifka (Sifeca).

Claiming his inheritance

Hlöd had grown up with his grandfather Humli, the king of the Huns, and he was both handsome and valiant. As soon as he was born he was given weapons and horses, as was the custom of the time.

When Hlöd heard that his father Heidrek was dead and that his half-brother Angantyr had been proclaimed king of the Goths, his grandfather Humli said that Hlod had to go to Arheimar and demand his rightful inheritance.

Hlöd arrived to Arheimar with many Hunnish warriors. He found a man outside of the hall and asked him to go inside and tell Angantyr that his brother wished to see him.

When King Angantyr learnt of who was waiting outside for him, he cast down his knife, took his mailcoat, his white shield in one hand and Tyrfing in the other. Then he asked Hlöd to come in and drink with them in honour of their dead father.

However, Hlöd answered that he had not come to feast, he wanted half of everything that Angantyr had inherited from their father: cow and calf, handmills, tools and weapons, treasures, slaves, bondmaids, sons and daughters, Myrkviðr, the grave, the carved stone beside Dniepr, Heidrek's armour, lands, liegemen and rings.

Angantyr refused to share with Hlöd and said that he had no right to inherit, but in recompense Hlöd would get lances, wealth, cattle, a thousand thralls, a thousand horses and a thousand armoured bondsmen. Before leaving all of them would receive riches and a maid.


Hlöd would get his measure in silver and gold, and he would be given a whole third of the land of the Goths to rule.

However, Gizur Grytingalidi, the aged king of the Geats, who was visiting in order to bid farewell to his dead foster-son Heidrek, thought that Angantyr was too generous. Gizur stated that Hlöd was only a bastard and the son of a slave-girl, and should not receive so princely a gift.

Offended by being called a bastard and a slave-girl's son, Hlöd returned to the Huns and to Humli. He told Humli that Angantyr had refused to share the kingdom with him, and when Humli insisted he also said that he had been called the son of a slave.