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In Norse mythology, Eldir (Old Norse "fire-stoker") is a servant of Ægir. At the beginning of Lokasenna, Loki kills another servant, Fimafeng, and is driven from Ægir's hall into the forest by the gods who were assembled at the feasting table. Upon his return, Loki confronts Eldir outside and exchanges hostile words with the servant before again entering the hall to "mix their mead with venom".

In the Lokasenna

Eldir only appears in the Lokasenna;


"Speak now, Eldir,

for not one step

farther shalt thou fare;

what ale-talk here

do they have within,

the sons of the glorious gods?"


"Of their weapons they talk,

and their might in war,

the sons of the glorious gods;

from the gods and elves

who are gathered here

no friend in words shalt thou find."


"In shall I gointo Ægir's hall,

For the feast I fain would see;

bale and hatred I bring to the gods,

And their mead with venom I mix."


"If in thou goest to Ægir's hall,

and fain the feast wouldst see,

and with slander and spite

wouldst sprinkle the gods,

think well lest they wipe it on thee."


"Bethink thee, Eldir, if thou and I

shall strive with spiteful speech;

richer I grow, in ready words

if thou speakest too much to me."