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Vili is one of the two brothers of Odin. His name means “will”, and he is the God of Motivation. Vili, like his third brother Ve, was largely put aside in favor of Odin, and thus little is known about him. It is known that the three brothers, together, slew Ymir the great mountain-frost-giant, and built several of the Nine Worlds (including Asgard) out of his various body parts. In his book Shadow Gods and Black Fire, Andrew Gyll suggests that Vili is now allied with the Vanir.

The three brothers worked as a team for a time, until Odin became the All-Father of Asgard. It is said that while he went on his nine years of wandering for wisdom, his two brothers moved in with his wife Frigga. This may reflect ancient pre-Christian Norse customs of hospitality, of a wife giving her bed to her husband’s brothers out of respect and kindness. However, a later version of the story says that when Odin returned, he threw them out.

During the flood that resulted from Ymir’s murder and the great flow of his blood, they stumbled upon a pair of driftwood logs on the beach, and decided to bring them to life. Odin breathed life into them, Vili gave them the ability to think and the sense of touch, and Ve gave them still other gifts. (The brothers then abandoned Ask and Embla, the proto-human couple, but a passing boat of fleeing giants led by Bergelmir found them before they drowned and set them in a tree to survive.)


Those who do work with him, however – and this is usually done as part of a triplicity, working with all three brothers at once – say that he is the God that you call upon after you’ve had the inspiration (Odin’s territory) and you need to find the motivation to put it into action. Vili is one of several Gods who can be called upon for the gift of Will. He can also be called upon for dysfunctions in the sense of touch – such as neuralgia or paralysis – and for problems in cognitive thinking. To make an offering to him, give him food and drink.