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Kunsthalle Bergen

Kunsthalle Bergen (Bergen Kunsthalle, Norway) is an art museum in the centre of the Norwegian city of Bergen, opened in 2001 in a former gallery building belonging to the City Art Association and designed by architect Ole Landmark in 1935; continues to be supported financially by the Bergen Kunstforening Art Foundation; holds temporary exhibitions of contemporary art in its four halls; includes the NO.5 and Landmark projects.

The Bergen Kunsthall was designed and built in the early 1930s - its building in the city centre opened in 1935 as the new premises for the "Bergen Kunstforening Association", founded in 1838 by the artist J. S. Dahl and the second oldest art association in Norway (after the Oslo Art Association). The building in the style of functionalism, designed by architect Ole Landmark, still belongs to this public association, and the Kunsthalle itself exists thanks to its funding.

The main activity of the gallery is to hold temporary exhibitions of contemporary art works - both group (thematic) and personal. As of September 2019, the Kunsthall consisted of four exhibition halls and was divided into three main departments: the Kunsthall itself, Project NO.5 and the Landmark Café, which serves as a concert venue for contemporary music. In the spring of 2009, the Kunsthall and Landmark were awarded the newly established Criticism Team Award - for their work in the field of contemporary art.

The "NO.5" project aims to "re-discover" individual works of art in Norway as well as entire exhibitions that have already been shown in other countries around the world - the idea is to "slow down the flow of time" and to give both professionals and art lovers the chance to see previously shown works again. The new printed catalogue with critical texts is also an obligatory part of the "NO.5" exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition activities, the gallery also tries to develop local, national and international networks with artists and similar institutions; it also provides consultations for public authorities and private companies; educational activities, including excursions for local school classes, are part of the hall's activities. The Festspillene i Bergen festival is also held every spring in the halls of the Kunsthalle.

Kunsthalle Bergen