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The Norwegian Fisheries Museum

In Sandviken in Bergen, you will meet a unique museum experience. Behind timber walls from the 18th century you will find engaging and dynamic exhibitions for the whole family! The museum guides will tell you the fisheries stories that has shaped modern Norway, and along the way take you through historical buildings, and outdoor activities in the harbour.

Norway and the ocean

The ocean and its resources have shaped Norway through centuries. At the Norwegian Fisheries Museum we tell real fish tales, and see how they relate to challenges, changes and progress in the Norwegian society. Historically, the cod fisheries in Lofoten and the rich herring stocks laid the foundation for why Norwegians could live along the rugged coastline. Today, aquaculture and fish farming has grown to become the second largest export industry in Norway.

Glimpse of historical Bergen

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum is located in warehouses from the 18’th century, that through hundreds of years were used as storage buildings for stockfish, dried cod. The unique warehouses are placed on wooden foundations out in the sea. The surrounding canals made it possible for barrels and fish to be lifted directly into storage rooms from boats. The warehouses are as old as Bryggen and reveal the story of how they were build, and how they functioned.

Visiting with the family?

Explore the old warehouses though a treasure hunt, go fishing at the attic, or play your way through the interactive seafood exhibition “Fin City”. The extra adventurous may join for a guided paddling trip in the harbor!

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum

A unique atmosphere

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum is located in the largest veteran boat harbor in Norway and gives you a glimpse of real coastal culture. In the harbor you may rent a rowing boat, kayak, or jump onboard the historical ferry Beffen that in just 15 minutes can bring you back into town.
Our café offers delicious lunch and fresh baked pastries, that might be enjoyed at the outdoor terrace when the sun is shining.

Good to know

In the shop on the ground floor you will find inspiring toys and maritime-themed gifts for children and adults. The Norwegian Fisheries Museum is situated at Sandviksboder 23. 20 minutes’ walk from Bryggen. Buses nr: 3, 4, 5, 6, 36, 39 and 83. Free admittance for children!

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum