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National Military Museum, Trondheim

"The Armoury" Army Museum in Trondheim (Norwegian: Rustkammeret i Trondheim) is a military museum in the Archbishop's Palace (Erkebispegården)in Trondheim, Norway. Today it is a Norwegian army museum as well as a resistance museum, emphasizing the military history of Trøndelag.

The museum has weapons, uniforms and other artifacts on display, starting with the Viking Age, going through the Middle Ages and the Norwegian union with Denmark (1380–1814) and later with Sweden (1814–1905), up to the German occupation of Norway during World War II (1940–1945).

In the same courtyard as the Archbishop's Palace, the National Military Museum is full of antique swords, armour and cannons, and recounts the days from 1700 to 1900, when the palace served as a Danish military installation. On the top floor is the Hjemmefront (Home Front) museum, devoted to Trondheim's role in the WWII resistance.

National Military Museum, Trondheim