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Trondhjems Sjofartsmuseum

The Trondhems Maritime Museum was founded in 1919 and was originally housed in the buildings of the Science Museum at the Erling Skakkes Gate. Since 1967, the museum has been in old slavery, also called Brattørvakta, and is still preserved.

In the Annual Report of the Trondheim Maritime Museum for 1935 it can be read that "The Trondheim Maritime Museum was established on the initiative of the school director of sailor K.S. Andorf. At his request, the Association of Sailors of Trondheim appointed a committee consisting of the manager of K.S. Andorf, Captain I.M. Nessk and the port of PA Gaustad". Funds for operation and procurement were provided by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Kinooverskudet, Trondhjems Sparebank and individuals.