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Stavanger Hospital Church

The hospital church is a former church in Stavanger. It was located near the Hospital east of today's Club Street, in what is now the Arcade Shopping Center.

The hospital church was probably built around 1600 - 1612 and was demolished in 1815.

The hospital church was a small one-storey building with a bell tower. Its size was 8.8 * 5 meters (44 m 2 ), and there was room for about 30 people.

The church did not have its own income, but it was supported by a hospital manager along with other hospital houses.

There was also a cemetery. During later excavations, many skeletons were found between the junctions of Hospitalgata and Asylgata / Smedgata, where probably a cemetery was located. 

The hospital Church had about 1620 one lime and a disk of white silver, which was a gift from Peder Klussn Fryis (died 1614), and kalkduk, an old cloth altar, one cloth altar, one riza (clothing , used by a priest during fairs) from the "Abbey Works", an exhibition and two candlesticks donated by Lord Lord Jorgen Kaas in Kongsgard, probably around 1610-1620. Of these, the monastery exhibition hall today probably belongs to the Bergen Museum and the candleholders of the Stavanger Museum.

In addition, the pulpit was given to the Hareid Church in Sunnmør. The altar from ca. 1660 and was made by Anders Lauritsen Smith.

Stavanger Hospital Church