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Polar Museum

This museum is all about Norwegian catches, Arctic Science and Polar exhibitions. This museum is known mainly for the fantastic Roald Amundsen collection. It was built on 18th June, 1978 just 50 years after the famous explorer visited the city.

The museum is still housed in one of the oldest buildings of the city that formerly housed customs warehouses and sheds. The permanent collections of the museum include:

  • Dutch Capture - These are the displays showing monuments and depicting the history of the Dutch hunters who were taken for whaling in Spitsbergen by Willem Barents in 1596.
  • Arctic Overwintered - This area shows polar bears and winter foxes which form the main fauna species of the region.
  • Pick Capture - This place depicts one of the main activities of the region which is sealing.
  • Roald Amundsen - As mentioned earlier, this is the collection of memorabilia and photographs of the expeditions done by the explorer.
  • Fritjof Nansen - Photos of expedition to the North Pole with “The Farm” within 1893- 1896.

Polar Museum