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Perspektivet Museum

Museum of Perspective (PEM) is a foundation in Tromsø, founded in 1996 with the aim of spreading and developing knowledge as a basis for understanding life connections, creating tolerance for cultural diversity and creating alternative views on culture and society. The house was home to Norwegian writer Kora Sandel.

The museum is part of the national museum network and participates in networks of minorities and cultural diversity, as well as modern documentation and research networks.

At the time of its foundation, the Trumsa Folk Museum and the collections at the Trumsa City Museum were included in the new fund. In addition to the main building in the center of Tromsø, the museum owns two open-air objects with 24 antique buildings, which are part of the summer season distribution program. Thus, the collections and their contents reflect the history of Tromso and the surrounding museums from the 1950s onwards.

In 2004 the museum opened in Storgata 95, a registered patrician house from 1838, which served as the People's House from 1911 to 90 years. In 2005 PEM became the owner of a wooden building located north of Gagata.

Distribution of photography in the genre of documentary cinema is an important area of activity of the museum, which is part of international cooperation.

In 2017 the museum received 25 paintings written by Cora Sandel as a bequest gift in honor of Sandel's son Eric Johnsson.

Perspektivet Museum