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MS Polstjerna

MS "Polstjerna" is the most well-groomed partner of the company in Norway. The ship was built at Moena's shipyard in Risore in the spring of 1949, and in the same spring it went straight to the seal farm. MS "Polstjerna" is now part of the Polar Museum and the Tromsø Museum - University Museum. Since 2004 MS "Polstjerna" has been exhibiting in a dry dock in an ecological building near the Polyaria in the southern city of Tromsø. The conservation building was designed by Per Knudsen Arktektor, who won a closed architectural competition for the object. 

Skuta has 33 fishing seasons on ice, and they have brought home about 100,000 seals from the west and east. It is 28.3 m long, 7 m wide and has a tonnage of 129 gross tonnes. The masta is 19 meters from the waterline, and the draft is 2.5 meters forward and 4 meters aft.

At the bottom, in the dry dock, under the "ice" around the MS "Polstern", the SNOWHOW exhibition opens. Teachers of polar heroes: Inuit, Saami and Arctic. The exhibition is organized by the Polar Museum, the Museum of Tromsø - University Museum and the Norwegian Polar Institute .

MS "Polstierna" is open for summer visits from June 15 to August 15.

MS Polstjerna