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The Norwegian Childrens Museum

The Norwegian Children's Museum is one of a handful of its kind in Europe. The exhibition and activities are about almost anything connected with children and childhood.

The Norwegian Children’s Museum is a museum of cultural history which deals with children’s culture and the history of childhood. The museum was opened in 2001, with the prime mover being Per Inge Torkelsen, and his collection of toys as the foundation.

A children's museum combines the "traditional" museum's focus on documentation and the exhibition of objects from the past with the young person's wish to participate, investigate and play. A children's museum also evokes nostalgia and the recollection of one's own childhood.

Note: The Norwegian Children's museum moved from Stavanger Kulturhus, Sølvberget to Stavanger museum in November 2011, where it is now rebuilt. Here you can visit the Fairytale Castle,  "Toys tell", "Anything for the children!", "The Historical Games Park" and other exhibitions. The museum is proceedingly expanded. 

Note: By buying a ticket to this museum, you also get free entry to other museums part of Museum Stavanger, if you use your ticket on the same day.

The Norwegian Childrens Museum