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Museum Of Archaeology, Stavanger

Museum of Archaeology is the only place in Norway where you can treat yourself the Viking way. Every season the museum edifice is decorated with seasonal decorates inspired by Viking tradition. The museum authority organizes a regular exhibition for Viking voyage. It will take you to the brutal but fascinating Viking age. If you stand near the exhibition hall, you will listen to sounds of the sea, wind blowing off and creaking vessel. Isn’t that exciting? Once you enter the hall, you will see rolling waves in a grey-blue sea in front of you, which actually creates a realistic background in the exhibition.

If you reach there before 12 PM, you can join the guided tour named ‘Time Travel’. At 2 PM, you can attend a session that presents customs associated with brewing and consuming beer. Yoga classes are organized by the museum authority. If you want to participate, you must bring a yoga mat.

The museum is family-friendly and assures that kids will never get bored. You can encourage your kids to enjoy treasure-hunt games and other interactive activities. If you kid is interested in handicrafts, you can engage them in craft classes that starts at 3 PM.

Museum Of Archaeology Travel Tips

  • This museum is also known Arkeologisk Museum.
  • Plan your visit during June to August.
  • The Museum of Archaeology, the Norwegian Museum and Museum Stavanger offer a combined ticket. If you buy 1 ticket for any of these museums, you will get 50% discount when visiting another museum within 48 hours.
  • The ticket is also valid at the Iron Age Farm with 48 hours of purchase.

Museum Of Archaeology, Stavanger

Entrance Ticket Details For Museum Of Archaeology

  • For children under 16, students and senior citizen NOK 20
  • For family NOK 100

How to Reach Museum Of Archaeology

  • Bus No. 24, Bus Stop: Schives Gate


  • City Bistro
  • Sushi San
  • In house cafe in the museum