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Kniven Viewpoint

Kniven Viewpoint is situated in the Alesund, Norway and is around 1 KM from Alesund. There are numerous mind blowing places that exist in Alesund close to Kniven Viewpoint that you should pursue as a bona fide explorer. Indeed, aside from the Kniven Viewpoint, Alesund brags of various landmarks and spots to visit that are very sublime in their very own privilege and merit visiting.

For the best view over Ålesund and its fishhook-shaped peninsula, as well as the mountains and islands beyond, head up the 418 steps to the summit of Aksla Hill and this panoramic viewing point. On a sunny day it's a cracking scene indeed, and it looks pretty special when the town lights start to twinkle at twilight, too.

Follow Lihauggata from the pedestrian shopping street Kongensgata, pass the Rollon statue, and begin the 15-minute puff to the top of the hill. There's also a cheat's road to the crest; take Røysegata east from the centre, then follow the Fjellstua signposts up the hill.

Kniven Viewpoint