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Sunnmore Museum

Sunnmøre Museum is a beautiful open air museum with 55 old and distinct houses. Enjoy a stroll between the picturesque houses and the indoor exhibitions, and get an insight into the cultural and architectural history of Sunnmøre. Take a look at the museum's vast boat collection, one of the largest in Norway, including replicas of Viking ships. The Medieval Age Museum is also located on the premises.

Join a trip with the Viking ship

With steady hand, skipper Helge and his crew takes us on a one-hour trip with the Viking ship Borgundknarren. Along the way, you will learn the exciting story of Saint Olav, king of Norway and his men, who were on the run and went in coverage here in Ålesund. And about the story of chiefseat Borgund– an important marketplace in the Viking time, protected by the lords of Giske, who were some of the richest people in the country. We will tell you about the Vikings use of the “sunstone” – and give you the answer to why is the dragon's head lying inside the boat and not attached to the stem, like we normally see a Viking ship?

Viking food

Food was of course important - as it is now. But what did these Vikings, when they were far offshore, eat on a Viking voyage? We give you the story along with some tastings.



The Viking ship Borgundknarren is a part of Sunnmøre Museums`s vast boat collection. Borgundknarren is a replica of a sailing vessel built in Western Norway in the C10th. The knarr or the hafskip was used for long distance trade by the Vikings and during the early middle ages and was the principal vessel for exploration.

It is a heavy and capacious boat, with high sides and shelter necessary for deep sea sailing. It was ships like this Leiv Eiriksson used in his voyage across the North Atlantic to America.

Borgundknarren is 16m long, 4.6m wide and has a main sail measuring 87m². The keel, mast and stem are made from oak, while the boards are made from pine.

Borgundknarren has its name from the old trading centre of Borgund, now a part of Sunnmøre Museums outdoor area.

The ship is classified for up to 40 people.

Sunnmore Museum