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Art Museum, Alesund

KUBE Art Museum is an institution in the Cultural Quarter Foundation, financed by Mor and Romsdal County, Olesunna municipality and the state. KUBE Art Museum is a regional institution for documenting and disseminating the entire field of view, including design and architecture. The museum is responsible for creating a collection of regional art, making exhibitions, documenting and distributing art. The KUBE Art Museum is also responsible for developing and maintaining communication skills and networking.

The KUBE Art Museum is located in the former Norges Bank building in Olesunn, near Brosundet. The building was designed by architects Jurgensen and Rivertz and built in 1905. In 2004-2005, a new building was built underground, so that the KUBE Art Museum is now linked to the Art Nouveau Center, which is located in the former Swan pharmacy in Olesunn.