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Valderey or Valderey is an island in the municipality of Giske on Sunnmøre . It is currently called Valderøya Cartographic Office. The island is the most populous municipality with 4,254 inhabitants per year. On January 1, 2019. The municipality of Giske is located in Walderhaugstrand. In Statistics Norway, as of 1 January 2019, the village of Walderhaugstrand (Giske) is named with 4,180 inhabitants. However, the main maps of the municipality are the town hall, most schools and a shopping centre in Walderhaugstrand.

There is a link between the Vigra bridge over Gjøsund and the underwater connection of the tunnel ( Valderoy tunnel ) to Ellingsøy and Aalesund . In addition, there is a bridge connection to Giske Island, which in turn has a tunnel connection to Godoya. Valderøy has a fast connection by boat to Hareid. Due to these calls, there is usually a bus service to and from Olesunn Vigra Airport.

Valderøy is close to Olesunn and therefore there is a steady increase in the population, as there is a small road and good connections to both the centre of Olesunn and the interior. The toll season in the Olesunn tunnels ended in autumn 2009, which resulted in faster population growth.

The sports club in Valderoy is called IL Valder .

In the west are Ytterland and Schjong. In the southern part there is the Valderhaug, and in the eastern part there is Nordstrand and Skaret. A little further north are Oxnes and Sutra.

The Skjongheller in the Walderhage is a valuable past in which the deposits show, among other things, how the magnetic North Pole has changed. The remains of birds and other animals have also been found for about 30,000 years. Many also believe that traces of people aged 10,000 years have been found here, but this is disputed. Skionheller was developed during the ice age. The highest natural point on the Valderoy is the signal, which is 231 meters above sea level.

One of the oldest houses in the Valderoy is the residence of the priest Valderoy (officially the town of priest Giske) on the Valderhaugstraßand.