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Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park

The Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park (Norwegian: Kristiansand Dyrepark) is a zoological garden and amusement park situated in of Kristiansand, Norway. It is Norway's most frequently visited attraction, covering an area of 60 hectares (150 acres). Established in 1966, it has been owned by Braganza since 2004.

The Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park has Norway's largest collection of animals. It contains of over a hundred species of animals from around the world, that move freely on a relatively large area.

Amusement attractions include Cardamom Town (Norwegian: Kardemomme by), which is made to look like the town in the book by Thorbjørn Egner, and Captain Sabertooth and pirate village Abra Havn (Port of Abra), which is taken from a theatre act by the singer and actor Terje Formoe.

The operating company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1993. Ludv. G. Braathens Rederi became a partial owner in 1996. Its successor company Braganza gradually bought up shares until reaching a forty-percent stake in 2004. That year it made a successful deal to buy the entire company and the company was subsequently delisted.

The zoo department of the park contains animals from different climate conditions, from all over the world. There are built own houses for animals that are sensitive to cold weather. Animals from the Nordic countries are located in a separate department. The collection of animals in the park is the largest in Norway and the animals have relatively large spaces to move around.


  • Nordic wilderness - Nordic animals like wolves, wolverines, Arctic foxes, lynxes and mooses.
  • Tropical department - Amphibian house with snakes, crocodiles and more. + The chimpanzee Julius and many other monkeys in the trees on the outside.
  • Africa - African savannah, including giraffes, zebras, lions, cheetahs and other African animals.
  • Asia - Siberian tigers as well as orangutans, gibbons and red pandas.
  • Heia - Area including boulders and daisies.
  • KuToppen - Farm, opened in 2009, with regular Norwegian farm animals, based on the Norwegian children's TV series with the same name.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park

Cardemom Town

For those who know Thorbjørn Egner's story about the picturesque small town, it is very easy to recognize. The author has designed the small town as it appears. Here is the weather forecast tower, the robber's housing, police office with jail, bakery, small shops and a tram line with a singing tram driver. It is possible to sleep over in this part of the park. In the high season there are theatrical performances in Norwegian.

Captain Sabertooth World


  • Kaptein Sabeltanns skattkammer, a small exhibition of treasures and weapons from the Captain Sabertooth stories.
  • Miriams forheksede hus, a haunted house attraction.
  • Grusomme Gabriels gang
  • Smokkariumet, a small room in the Captain Sabertooth castle where children that have stopped using pacifiers can place them in a coffin along with those left by others.
  • Sjøslag på Grashavet, a daily event where The Black Lady and the Countess will battle each other.


  • Sjørøvergrill, a pirate themed grill restaurant located next to the Kaptein Sabeltanns skattkammer.
  • Piratproviant, a kiosk that serves burgers, fries, and other foods.
  • Pizzabakeriet, a sit-down pizza restaurant located in the Pirate Theater.
  • Kanelbakeriet, a bakery located within the pizza restaurant.
  • Hevnen er SØT, a small storefront that sells cotton candy, popcorn, and other treats.


  • Havnehandelen, a port themed shop that sells Sabertooth themed merchandise.
  • Benjamins Bengalske Bazar, a shop that sells general pirate themed merchandise.
  • Kaptein Sabeltanns Sjørøvermagasin, a shop that sells costumes, hats, and swords.
  • Kapteinens Karibiske Marked, a shop that sells books, CDs and DVDs.
  • Maga Khans Marked, a shop that sells bags, hats, and other merchandise.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park