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The Smeltery on Malmplassen, on the banks of the Hitter River, was a community focal point in Røros. Copper ore was processed here for more than three hundred years from 1646 to 1953, when operations were finally shut down.

The main exhibition in the Smeltery covers mining operations of yesteryear. The old method of using fire to heat and fracture the rock to expose the ore is explained, while working models of the water wheel, lifts and pumps demonstrate how the ore was mined in days gone by.

The smelting process was carried out here on the banks of the Hitter River starting in 1646. We take a look at reconstructed cold roasters, while dioramas of the smeltery show the furnaces and bellows, which were powered by water from the dammed river. A large wall chart illustrates every step of the old smelting process, while a photo collage shows the smelting methods used after the late 19th century. Guided tours during the month of July also include daily castings of miniature copper bars.

The “18th Century Resource Consumption at Røros Copper Works” exhibition provides an overview of production volumes at the works, the resources required and the final outcome over the course of one week around 1740.

“In their Finery” is an exhibition of fancy clothing from the Røros district and includes church clothing, baptismal outfits and confirmation and wedding dresses.

The museum also presents temporary exhibitions of paintings and other art, as well as displays in the entrance hall of artefacts and photographs related to work in the smeltery.