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Bodin Church

Bodin Church (Norwegian: Bodin kirke) is a parish church of the Church of Norway in Bodø Municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is located in the southeastern part of the town of Bodø. It is the main church for the Bodin parish which is part of the Bodø domprosti (deanery) in the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland. The white, stone church was built in a long church style around the year 1240 by an unknown architect. The church seats about 300 people.

Bodin Church was built as nave church around the year 1240 and was enlarged in 1785 with a transept and it now seats about 300 people. In 1894, the entire section of the medieval church was torn down and rebuilt in the same style. The church has a stone altar from the 14th century and some wooden sculptures dating from the late 15th century to the early 16th century.

The church is characterized today largely by an interior from the 17th and 18th century. The chandeliers date from the 1760s. In 2003, the church received a replica of a Baroque organ from the 1700s.

The altarpiece is from 1670. The pulpit is from the 17th century with paintings from 1753 by German born artist Gottfried Ezekiel (ca. 1719-1798) who was engaged by parish priest Nicolaus Christian Friis. Ezekiel first received a commission as a painter in Bergen during 1744. Dating from 1751 he arrived in northern Norway, where he painted a number of church altarpieces.

Bodin Church