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Old Harbour, Reykjavik

The Old Harbour in Reykjavik is a beautiful and historic part of the city, which was built between 1913 and 1917 and has been completely renovated in recent years to become one of the most beautiful places in Reykjavik where you can eat, go shopping or just wander and admire the views of the surrounding area.

The harbour is still home to fishing boats, as well as increasingly frequent whale watching boats and other tourist boats. Next to the docking station there are renovated old houses, which used to house the fishing industry, but today they mainly have restaurants, shops, museums and workshops. 

Lining the marina you will find travel companies like Elding , Reykjavik Bikes and special tours and whale life .

In the green-blue houses near the documents and in the houses around you can find restaurants, including a particularly varied seafood restaurant, cafés, designer shops, museums such as the Vulcan house, as well as various hotels and guest houses.

Further east you will see the magnificent, newly built Harpa concert house with its unique glass architecture, while further west you will find the Maritime Museum and Saga Museum. At the end of Grandagarður Street you will see a work of art consisting of a grassy hill, which you can climb to see, with the fish drying hut upstairs as a tribute to the history of fishing in the area.

Old Harbour, Reykjavik