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Adalstraeti 10

Aðalstræti 10 is an Icelandic house located on Aðalstræti in Reykjavik. It was built in 1762 and is the oldest house in the centre of Reykjavik. The building was built as part of the furniture of Skuli Magnusson .

Two shields in the building belong to a building of 8 houses. The rebar, which was built with great support from the Danish state. The house was built in 1762 for an accountant of interiors, storage of clothes and carving. There was an apartment of the general manager of interiors, but the house was called "Office and Magazine House".

When the furniture was sold at the turn of the century, merchant Westie Petraeus bought the house. In 1807 the Bishop of Iceland received it in his residence, and then it was called the Bishop's Office. The bishop and his wife lived in the house until 1849. Jens Sigurdsson, later rector of the school in Leerda, lived in the house 1855-1868, and his brother Jon Sigurdsson will live with him when he comes to parliament from Copenhagen. After Jens lived in the house of the general practitioner, merchant Matthias Johannesen and many others.

In 1926, the famous merchants Sylly and Valdi bought the house and managed the shop there for about half a century. Since 1984, various restaurants have been open here, including Voggett.

The city of Reykjavik bought the house in 2001 and began to bring it to its original state. On the lower floor of the old building is the city of Reykjavik with its exhibition spaces. Behind the building was a new house and a new glass building that connects the old house with the new one. The new building houses the Kraum shop, which sells Icelandic designer goods.

Adalstraeti 10