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Into the Arctic, Akureyri

Into The Arctic was opened on January 28, 2017. 

The start comes from the founder, Arngrímur B., of his collection the ancient maps and charts of the north, where the oldest is possibly around 300 – 400 years old. Into the Arctic was presented with part of life’s work ofHafsteinn Hólm Þorsteinsson, consisting of stuffed animals. Stories, pictures and artifacts come from the Institute of Vilhjálmur Stefánssonpolar explorer about his journeys around the arctic, there are also stories about Vigfús Sigurðsson, Wegener and Kock over Greelandic icecap. Into the Arctic gives us a good insight into the life in the north, amongst part of coastal life in Eyjafjörður. Introduction of the live of inuites, as well as samples of boats/ships and airplanes, old navigational equipment and of clothes from ancient times. Beautiful icelandic souvenirs are for sale in our store. ­