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Freyr (In old Norse “Lord”) is an unbelievably beautiful male God he is a very important God in Norse mythology, and he is the God of fertility he is also associated with prosperity, wealth and a good harvest. Freyr is a former member of the Vanir an old branch of Gods associated with sorcery. When the war between the Vanir and the Aesir ended, Freyr and two others were sent to the Aesir as a token of truce. In return, the Aesir sent two other Gods to the Vanir. Freyr is also the ruler of Alfheim, and lord of the elves.

He is the son of Njord and has a twin sister named Freya. He is married to Gerðr, she is a giantess from Jotunheim. When Freyr wants to travel a longer distance he has a boar named Gullinbursti “Golden Bristles”.

Freyr’s True Love

Freyr was very much in love with the giantess Gerd “Gerðr”. It all began the day Freyr, secretly used the throne belonging to Odin, from this high seat he could see out over all the nine worlds. As Freyr was looking he caught the sight of a woman, Freyr thought it was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, it was truly love at first sight.

But there was a problem, Gerd is the daughter of the giant named Gymir and Freyr had no idea how he was going to conquer the heart of Gerd. So Freyr spent every second of the day yearning for Gerd and it got so bad that Freyr would not even speak or eat, and he slowly started to become very ill. His father Njord, got very upset and concerned about the unusual behavior of his son.

So he sent the servant named Skirnir to check why he was being so irrationally. When Skirnir came back to Njord, he told him that he was very much in love with this giantess named Gerd, and because Njord loves his son so much he had to help Freyr. So Njord needed to find a way to help Freyr get the woman of his dreams. The servant Skirnir was given the task to go to the lands of the giants (Jotunheim), and bring Gerd back so Freyr could marry her.

Before leaving Skirnir borrowed Freyr’s magical sword, to protect himself from the giants, upon the arrival to the land of giants, Skirnir went to the house of Gerd and announced the marriage proposal from Freyr, Skirnir had also brought along some apples of youth, which she could have if she accepted the marriage proposal, but when Gerd heard about the proposal she got furious, and she immediately rejected the offer.


Skirnir then offered to give her, the ring named Draupnir, it’s a very special and magical golden ring, every ninth day eight new rings would drop out of Draupnir. The eight new rings are of equal quality as Draupnir. Gerd was not impressed and rejected also that offer, Skirnir then switched tactics and tried to threaten her, at first she did not care about the threats because she had no intention of marrying Freyr.

Skirnir then started to threaten to put curses on her, by using the secrets of the runes. That freighted Gerd into agreeing to marry Freyr, but she did have one demand that Freyr had to wait nine days before they would be married. The nine days was Gerd’s way to torture the feelings of Freyr after the nine days was up, Gerd and Freyr got married.