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The Viking Church was a church in Reykjavik, probably from the beginning of Christianity in Iceland to the consecration of Reykjavik Cathedral in 1796. The earliest sources mentioning the church are the church numbers of Pala Johnsson, dating from around 1200, and the oldest date is 1379. The church was a peat bog church, which stood in Kvosinni on the corner of Aðalstræti and Kirkjustræti in the middle of the cemetery opposite Víkurbær .

Vikirkirkia was for centuries the parish church of the Reykwiki. In 1785 it was decided to build a new cathedral in Reykjavik, after an earthquake in 1784 damaged the church of Scalholt. Originally the old church was built around the old one, but when the garden was dug out, the graves of people who had died of smallpox were discovered. Jon Sweinsson, the surgeon general, was very concerned that the park would be further destroyed and the cathedral was found in the east and closer to the lake. The new church was consecrated in 1796, but the old cemetery was used until then. The cemetery on South Street was commissioned in 1839.

In 1883 Shirbek was appointed as a doctor in the cemetery and turned into a living room, where he first began to grow wood in Reykjavik. The garden was rebuilt several times and now it is almost completely bent. There is a statue of the Cheekbone Magnusson by Gudmundsson of Miðdalur Commercial Reykjavik gave to the city in 1954 .