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Norwegian House

Norwegian House is a regional museum of Snæfellinga and Hnappdæla and is the first two-storey residential building in Iceland. It was built from hardwood from Norway in 1832 and therefore it is over 180 years old. The museum has a permanent exhibition in the house of Arni Ó. Torlatius (1802-1891) and Anna Magdalena Stinbeck (1807-1894) are believed to have been built in the second half of the 19th century. The giant contains an open museum vault with objects from all Snæfellsnes. On the ground floor of the Dairy and Kitchen there are various exhibitions related to art, culture and/or history of the area and an antique-style storeroom.

The Norwegian house is a two-family wooden log house with a huge roof, 15.43 m long and 9.53 m wide. The house stands on a rocky stone post and the walls are covered with waterproofing and roof overflow. On the south side of the island there is a wood-covered smoke stove. On the east side there is an entrance hall with a cardboard canopy, 4.30 m long and 2.35 m wide. The barn is dressed as a work of art and stands on a concrete base. On the south side of the building there are nine postal windows with 16 glasses, six at the back and four on each fork. The entrance doors are on the south side, with panel sashes and transverse windows on top. To the side of the door are flattened poles and beer above the crabs on the back.

The entrance door and staircase are in the middle of the front door. There is a shop on the north side of the house, a cage to the south of the hall and a kitchen with an open fireplace on the southeast. The entrance hall has a dressing room and a toilet. On the middle floor of the staircase there is Arnie Torlacius' office on the west side and a large living room, each side of which has five rooms on the east side of the building. On the second floor there are adjoining rooms. In the attic there is a storage room. The walls on the ground floor are most of the cladding, but on the first floor the walls are faced with a panel and a chest with a wall ceiling. Above all the rooms there is a ceiling on the cladding details. The chireilleas are covered with long sleeves. The house is painted on the inside, except for the giants.