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The lighthouse Sugandisey

The lighthouse Súgandisey stands at the highest point of the basalt island Súgandisey that the port of Stickisholmur on the peninsula Snaefellsnes in the Western Island precedes and protects it. It supports navigation in Breiðafjörður .

The only steel tower 3.5 m high is painted red, except for the yellow base. It was built in 1948 and received the lantern of the old Gróttuviti lighthouse in the municipality of Seltjarnarnes, which was replaced the year before by a new building. 

Identifier is a flash of half a second every three seconds. Sectors: green (0° to 107°), white (107° to 110°), red (110° to 157°), and white (157° to 160°). Volume six miles for white and four nautical miles from colored light.


The lighthouse Sugandisey