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In the central highlands of Iceland, you will find a beautiful geothermal area, called Hveravellir or the Hot Spring Fields. It is one of the pearls of Iceland, a nature reserve 650 meters above sea-level. After driving through the vast, barren highlands it is so lovely to encounter such an oasis.

There was an old route through this area, which is referred to in the Viking Sagas with the first references being from around year 900. This road is called Kjalvegur road.

The geothermal area here has been called the most beautiful geothermal area in Iceland. Here is also a lovely hot pool in a geothermal river, in which one can bathe. It is awesome sitting in this hot pool in the wilderness of Iceland, in between two of Iceland's glaciers, Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers.

The hot pool at Hveravellir is located in a warm stream and the temperature varies from 18.6-39.3 degrees C. The water in the intake pipe is much hotter though 80-90 degrees C, so let's be careful here. A small dam was built in the stream back in 1950 and this wonderful hot pool was created. It is ever so nice sitting in this hot pool after hiking in this area.

Close to the hot pool, a beautiful geothermal area with multi-coloured boiling mud pools, huffing and puffing fumaroles and beautiful azure hot springs will take your breath away.


The oldest descriptions of Hveravellir date back to 1752, when the travellers Eggert Ólafsson and Bjarni Pálsson wrote about this area in their travelogue.

Eggert and Bjarni named one of the hot springs Öskurhóll or the Roaring Mound because of the sounds coming from it, whistling and roaring. Öskurhóll has stopped whistling, but it still roaring.

One of the hot springs is called Eyvindarhver or the Hot Spring of Eyvindur referring to the outlaw Fjalla-Eyvindur, who lived here at Hveravellir for some time. This hot spring continuously spouts water.

Fjalla-Eyvindur cooked food in this hot spring. Eyvindur seems to have stacked rubble around the hot spring in order to be able to cook their food here.

At Hveravellir you will find Bláihver - Blue Hot Spring, Grænihver - Green Hot Spring, Rauðihver - Red Hot Spring, Fagrihver - Lovely Hot Spring and Gamli Fagrihver - Old Lovely Hot Spring :) And many more...

The silica ratio of the geothermal area at Hveravellir is amongst the highest in Iceland, and around some of the hot springs, a beautiful geyserite has accumulated.