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Storaklif and Heimaklettur

Stóraklif is a hill in the Republic of Iceland. It is located in the Suðurland region, in the southwestern part of the country, 110 km southeast of the capital Reykjavik . The peak of Stóraklif is 68 meters above sea level. Stóraklif is located on the island of Chemon. The area around Stóraklif is flat. 

The Home Rock

At 279 meters, Heimaklettur is the highest mountain on Heimaey, and the defining landmark of the island. Its bulky shape is visible all around town. It literally means Home Rock.

Sheer cliffs, ladders and chains

With sheer cliffs rising up on all sides, Heimaklettur may look a bit daunting and inacessible at first sight. But there is actually a walking track to the top. And there are ladders and chains to help you up the steep sections at the bottom. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the top, and about 30 to get back down again – not counting the time needed to enjoy the great views, a picnic or a Wilderness Coffee along the way.