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Sanheimar - local history museum
Sanheimar is a new museum based on an old maritime museum. Multimedia is used in addition to museums to tell the unique story of the Westman Islands, among others:

The Heimaey 1973 Eruption
On the night of January 23, a volcano erupted in Heimaey. Then, at night, almost all the inhabitants, about 5300 people, were resettled in the country. Of the 1,345 houses, about one-third found themselves under the ashes and one-third were damaged. A large number of photographs can be shown at the exhibition, as well as interviews.

The Turkish invasion in 1627.
On July 16, 1627, three ships sailed to the east coast of Heimei and landed 300 pirates. For three days they ate the island with screams and cries, captivated people, and killed mercilessly. Of the estimated 500 inhabitants, the pirates brought 242 prisoners onto the ship and sold them to a slave market in Algeria. The history of the Turkish river is told in the form of cartoons.

The most dangerous job in the world?
Sailors and fish processing are the most dangerous jobs in island life. The development of fishing, marine flora and fauna, dangers and exploits, rescue work, land cultivation and prohibition of life are discussed and photographs in addition to the old ones. On the old radio station, one can hear the citizens telling the story of marine accidents.