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Bonniers Konsthall

Bonniers Konsthall Gallery (Swede. Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm) is an art gallery in the Swedish city of Stockholm that opened in September 2006; the exhibition opened with an exhibition of works by scholarship holders of the Maria Bonnier Dahlins stipendium art prize; is housed in a five-storey triangular building made of glass and concrete (with rounded corners and curved lines), designed by architect Johan Zelsing; supported by the Maria Bonnier Dahlins stiftelse Foundation.

The Bonniers Konsthall gallery opened in the centre of Stockholm in September 2006, although the first exhibitions on the premises of the future gallery started earlier this year. The gallery specializes in presenting works created by both Swedish and foreign (international) authors - it tries to become a forum for discussing artistic problems of contemporary art (to become "a driving force for creating dialogue about art"). It holds temporary exhibitions of both well-known and emerging artists and sculptors; group events alternate with personal (sometimes retrospective) exhibitions, works for which are often created especially for Bonniers' halls.

In addition to exhibitions, the Bonniers Konsthall also conducts educational activities in the field of contemporary art: curators create special school (and family) tours as well as seminars for art lovers. The gallery exchanges with other Swedish and international cultural institutions, cooperating in creating exhibitions and publishing catalogues. The institution dates back to the Maria Bonnier Dahlins stiftelse Foundation, which was founded in 1985; Jeanette Bonnier founded the Foundation and established a charity in memory of her daughter Maria Bonnier Dahlin. Since 1986, the foundation has been awarding an annual Maria Bonnier Dahlin scholarship to Swedish artists under the age of 35.

The glass building, which, according to the gallery itself, is shaped like an iron, was designed by architect Johan Peter Folke von Celsing, author of the new crematorium building at Stockholm Forest Cemetery. The gallery building is located in close proximity to the railway, a short walk from the main station. Between the end of May and the end of August 2017, the gallery hosted a large-scale group exhibition "Another Side of the Shift", in which more than eight dozen artists took part, including authors such as Bo Christian Larsson (born 1976), Carl Frederic Reuterswärd (1934-2016), Hakan Renberg and Ulla Wiggen.