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Wetterling Gallery

Wetterling Gallery. Wetterling Gallery (Stockholm) is an art gallery in the Swedish city of Stockholm, which was opened in 1978 on the initiative of Björn Wetterling; it specializes in contemporary art in Sweden - it shows paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations; it is also connected with the American art scene, participates in the international fairs "Art Miami", "Art Brussels" and "Armory Show"; it cooperated with James Rosenkvist.

The Wetterling Gallery, a contemporary art gallery, was opened in Stockholm in 1978 and is located in Kungsträdgården Park, which was created as a vegetable garden, but became first a garden (baroque style) for royal entertainment and then a popular place of entertainment for citizens. The founder of the gallery was Björn Wetterling, who as early as the late 1970s began showing not only paintings, drawings and sculptures, but also installations in the gallery halls. The Wetterling Gallery Showroom in Gothenburg later also had its own space.

As of 2019, the gallery represented about two dozen international and Swedish artists - the European institution maintained a close connection with the American art scene, showing works of combined painting and pop art; over the years, it presented in its premises the works of Frank Stell and James Rosenquist. Artists Robert Rauschenberg and Ed Ruscha also collaborated with the gallery, and the Swedish gallery also collaborated with the Gagosian Gallery in New York. The Wetterling Gallery tries to participate in four international art fairs every year - it regularly showcases its artists at Art Miami, Art Brussels and the Armory Show.

Björn Wetterling himself has been an art collector; he also develops his own design projects. The founder explained his connection with the USA by the fact that "New York is the best city in the world when it comes to art, whether you like it or not". From mid-May to the end of June 2018, the gallery's halls hosted Linda Baeckstroem's solo exhibition, The World's End (born 1982); from October to November 2017, the gallery hosted Allen Jones's (born 1937) solo exhibition, Allen Jones - 80 Not Out!

Wetterling Gallery