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Glassblowers' Workshop, Skansen

Located in Skansen Park, this glass factory has a long history and pedigree. Karin Hammar now works in the glassworks and is a third generation glass craftsman, her grandfather founded the company back in 1933 (they moved to Skansen already in 1936). They create numerous subscription prizes for major awards ceremonies, both local and international. Most famous, since 1993 they have created an excellent award for the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest (an abstract heart of glass with flowers from the host country).

In Skansen, the glassworks are located in the "city quarter" together with other historical enterprises such as a tannery, an iron trader, ceramics, printer and bakery. The glass factory is certainly the most popular among visitors. Here you can browse their shop filled with beautifully designed glass ... ...all handmade on site in a glass factory. Perfect place to buy unique souvenirs or gifts for your home. You can also observe the work of glass craftsmen making both glassware for the shop and ordered products. Since the glass factory is in Skansen, you must pay entrance fees to enter. However, if you are only going to shop at the shop ... let them know at the entrance, and you can get a refund for the entrance fee when you leave.