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Thrud, Daughter of Thor

Thrud (also spelt Thudr and Thudra). She is one of the most overlooked goddess in North mythology. The name Thrud means "strength". She is the beautiful daughter of our powerful thunder god Thor. She is said to have her father's strength in essence, and beauty, charm and magic. She's a gentle goddess, as well as a Valkyrie. Although, some say that the Valkyrie Thrud may be a different individual.

Thrud is a young goddess who survives Ragnarok. She is a maiden goddess with a lovely kind nature. The inner strength of Thrud is feminine lightning and storms. She's a goddess of willows, trees, flowers and grass. She also loves animals.

She has special gifts and is capable of time travel, light travel (speed of light journeying: psychic journeying), reads dreams, tells fortunes, understands all stones including runes and riddles. She is artistic, bright, beautiful, sensual, maidenly, charming, graceful and poetic. She is protected by Thor. She is loved by her father, and mother, and she is precious. She is like gold. She's also a priestess, a dreamer, a weaver, and she survives darkness. She isn't the kind of valkyrie to rage against souls. She's a healer that takes those into the peaceful afterlife.

There is a story of Thrud and a dwarf named Alviss (The Lay of Alviss). It's said that Alviss wanted to to marry Thrud, or tried to take her away as his bride in payment for crafting weapons. Thor prevented this from happening and tricked Alviss, and Alviss was turned into stone.