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Toy Museum Stockholm

The Stockholm Toy Museum was opened in 1980 and was located in the Mariatorget on Cedermalm, Stockholm. The museum's first director was engineer and politician Stig Dingertz. In 2005-2017 the Toy Museum was located in Söderdepon on Södermalm, with the same entrance as the Stockholm Railway Museum. Due to the closure of the Tram Museum in September 2017, the Toy Museum was also closed. The Museum of Toys and Collectors was reopened in Saltsho Pier in Fiskšetra due to the Museum of Historical Heritage in Naka on 26 May 2018.

The museum displays toys from dozens of contributions of great collectors, many gifts and donations and its own objects. From time to time, 19th century dolls, Star Wars and superheroes are on display. The objects of the museum are barbecue dolls, porcelain dolls, Lego dolls, cars, soft toys, Star Wars figures, mechanical toys such as steam engine models and various games. The museum presents the "World History of Tin Figures". The exposition also includes a model railway of the Society of Railways and children's theatrical business.